That 30 years in history

Phase1 : 1978.

PT. Sepanjang Baut Sejahtera was established in Sepanjang, Surabaya. Hence the name Sepanjang come from. That time, Mr. Kusumatikno and his tree sons: Mr.Suhartono, Mr.Lokman, and Mr. Ali have only simple workshop, producing stud bolt, u-bolt, and dyna bolt for home market only.

Phase 2 : 1984.

That year the workshop grows into a small factory. Some used heading machine bought. Some more people hired. And finally the company registered, with the vision to prosper the businesses, the employees, and the owners.

Phase 3 : 1991.

That year the plant moved to Dumar Industri, a larger area at Margomulyo Industrial Complex. Some high speed and sophisticated heading machine and bolt former machine bought. Many more employees hired. And the distribution reach all over Indonesia.

Phase 4 : 1996.

That year the distribution start to reach outside Indonesia. The first destination was Japan and soon followed by other Asia countries, and also Europe and Middle East.

And soon will be United States, Latin America and also Australia.

Welcome to the global market...